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CV. Bali Artemedia

The company was founded in 1994 by the name of Bali Artemedia, one of the companies engaged in the service field which always update the model wants any frame motif that is being enjoyed by all circles so that at this time able to survive from the increasing competition. In this websire customer just by entering no invoice listed on the note then the website will get information how far the frame work in the message.

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We believe that all people are creative, and each team member has a creative perspective to contribute. We open our minds to all possibilities and pursue the most vibrant ones with passion and drive. And with creativity at the helm, boundaries are nonexistent, enabling us to achieve even more than we have imagined.


We share our day-to-day responsibilities and lives with people inside and outside our organization. We build lasting and productive relationships with team members, vendors, customers and the surrounding community adding value to each person with whom we connect. Recognizing our role in the global community, we are mindful of our impact and strive to do everything in our power to uplift the planet in a positive way.

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Committed to a WOW experience, we're proud to fulfill orders with the fastest turn-around time in our industry. The vast majority of orders are processed, produced and shipped within 2-3 business days – including custom!

Our Product

PLC8 Silver Leaf Frame

PAZ3 Midnight Gold Frame

PEC3 Antique Gold Frame

PAZ2 Gold Frame

CUL4 Warm Black Frame

BWC2 Driftwood Gray Frame

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